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Tales From A Foodie Series: Golden Baboy Unlimited Korean Grill

Golden Baboy entrance

What can be more fun than eating at a Korean restaurant with unlimited Korean barbecue? 

Here at Golden Baboy, you’ll get to enjoy unlimited samgyupsal (7 types of meat – both pork and beef), vegetables, onion salad, cheese, rice, Korean soy braised peanuts, Korean butter corn, egg stew, Kimchi soup/Kimchi (itself), meatballs and other unlimited foods (but please, no binge eating!) at only Php499. 

Standee of Golden Baboy

This kinda looks like the one from the game Angry Birds…  

The tables are already set and the foods are ready to be cooked. 

Cooking the meat

Just days before the dinner/night out with my school friends, we voted on who gets to cook the meat — on our side, it was Grace, Christina and Katherine who cooked the meat while I took a video of them doing the cooking. The meat was kind of thick but we ended up almost burning them.

Video clip of my vlog…

Ready to cook

Golden Baboy also serves free iced tea and dessert (soft served ice cream in cone). Plus, I love their Kimchi soup as well. 

GCC Friends Try The Golden Baboy Unli Korean Grill

We visited the Ayala Malls Cloverleaf branch of this Korean restaurant. (Note: We were under a time constraint of 2 hours to cook and eat. Be sure to arrive a bit earlier before the booked/appointed time). 

Stay tuned for the next #TalesFromAFoodieSeries of my blog/food review 



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