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Dalgona Strawberry Shake

Ingredients:* 1 sachet of Tang strawberry flavor (you may use any other flavor or variant of Tang) * fresh milk/full cream milk * 1 (250 ml) Nestle all-purpose cream or whipping cream* ice cubes Directions:1) Whip the Nestle all-purpose cream (or whipping cream) until doubled. 2) Add a sachet of Tang strawberry flavored juice powderContinue reading “Dalgona Strawberry Shake”

Magnum Ice Candy

Ingredients: 1 can (370 ml) all-purpose cream, chilled 3/4 cup of condensed milk 1/2 cup of fresh milk or evaporated milk (depends on your preference) 1 cup dark chocolate or more (Goya or any brand) What you need: a squeeze bottle or piping bag super elastic ice candy bag (2″ x 10″) Directions: Beat theContinue reading “Magnum Ice Candy”

Hansel Chocolate Balls

Ingredients: * Hansel biscuits, crushed (I used 5 to 6 packs here) * 1 can chocolate flavored condensed milk * desiccated coconuts (or other coatings – crushed Grahams) Directions:1) Crush the Hansel biscuits in a bowl. 2) Add the chocolate flavored condensed milk one at a time until you get the right consistency. 3) CoatContinue reading “Hansel Chocolate Balls”

Tales From A Foodie Series: Exploring The Alley by Viking’s

Want to try out a place that’s unique yet classy to dine in this coming Valentine’s Day? You may want to try out The Alley by Viking’s at the Ayala Malls Cloverleaf. About The Alley by Viking’s The Alley by Viking’s is an international , street inspiring food hall known for its unique food conceptsContinue reading “Tales From A Foodie Series: Exploring The Alley by Viking’s”