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Tales From A Foodie Series: Foodventures at Black Scoop Cafe

Black Scoop Cafe logo

What’s up, fellow foodies/food adventurers alike! So for today’s blog, I’ll be covering about a cafe which serves coffee, milk tea and food — Black Scoop Cafe

Did you know that this cafe is owned by Mr. Louie Cheng Sy who also happens to be the owner of the Infinitea milk tea shop? This cafe opened its first branch at 101 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City and catered up to 200 people, becoming every milk tea lover’s next tambayan or hangout place.

The Black Scoop Cafe is well known for its soft-serve ice cream as well as Brown Sugar Latte and they were the first cafe to introduce the white rabbit soft serve ice cream here in Philippines.

interiors of the Black Scoop Cafe - long tables , lighting, wall art/design

The Black Scoop Cafe may be considered as one of the super cozy and Instagram worthy cafe for their interior designs – from the furniture/table, the lighting and even the wall art.

shelves with Black Scoop Cafe merchandise

Just look at the displayed merchandise items of Black Scoop Cafe… I wonder if they also sell the mugs?

Black Scoop Cafe art

Wishing I could just stay and hang out at this cafe if only we’re not in a hurry…

Special/holiday beverages of Black Scoop

Black Scoop offers holiday/special beverages during holiday seasons like Christmas and some new flavors.

Ovaltine/Ghirardelli series

They also offer the Ovaltine and Ghirardelli series …. wanna guess what I tried out?

Black Scoop Cafe Ghirardelli Chocolate Frappe

For my first visit, I tried out their Ghirardeli Frappe… My verdict? It was a bit too sweet but the quality is not that bad – even my sister and nephew like it.

Black Scoop Cafe also serves desserts…. I was not able to try them though as we were in a hurry to go to St. Luke’s hospital to visit my sister who was confined there. Perhaps next time when I visit again.

Black Scoop Cafe for me is the second Instagram worthy cafe that I’ve visited….

So that’s all for my food review for Black Scoop Cafe…. stay tuned for my next food adventures here at Tales From A Foodie Series.



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