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Tales From A Foodie Series: Exploring The Alley by Viking’s

Inside the Alley by Viking's

Want to try out a place that’s unique yet classy to dine in this coming Valentine’s Day? You may want to try out The Alley by Viking’s at the Ayala Malls Cloverleaf.

About The Alley by Viking’s

The Alley by Viking’s is an international , street inspiring food hall known for its unique food concepts from around the world. It’s like a classy food court that features and serves local and international dishes for guests to try.

You may want to try all or some of their food stalls. There’s Antipasto Blvd, Just Steak A Minute, Frituen Batsoy, Kegz, Hunneycomb, Buono, Lost & Pound, Hao Chi, New York Pizza, Nord’s Coffee Bar, O’sean Eleven, Street Wok, Yatai and La Sap.

What I Love About The Alley by Vikings

Art inside The Alley by Vikings

One thing that I love about The Alley by Vikings would be the interior design and setting. Their wall art, the arrangement and the booths or food stalls are enough to make it interesting for guests to visit or book for special occasions.

The Foods

Among the 14 food stalls, I was only able to try these foods from the following stalls: Buono (carbonara pasta) , Lost & Pound (chicken wing & chips) , Hunneycomb (ice cream) and Nord’s Coffee Bar (cappuccino)

carbonara pasta from Buono

The carbonara pasta from Buono is one of my favorite here at The Alley by Vikings. Since I’m an avid pasta eater, I chose to visit Buono first. I love its creamy white sauce.

chicken wing and chips from Lost & Pound

Next food I tried was the chicken wing and chips from Lost & Pound. This reminds me of the chicken wing I ate way back when I was in Taiwan. Its succulent crunchy skin is enough to crave for. As for the chips, they’re good as well.

Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture of the ice cream I got from Hunneycomb. I ordered 2 scoops of bubble gum ice cream and topped it off with honey comb, marshmallow, pink sprinkles and graham.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the cappuccino I ordered from Nord’s Coffee Bar. The latte art design is perfect for this month’s occasion which is Valentine’s. I immediately finished up my cup of cappuccino.

Here’s my vlog about the The Alley by Vikings

So far, The Alley by Vikings is good and worth it to visit .. it’s a one of a kind street-inspired food hall that everyone must try. Stay tuned for my next Tales From A Foodie Series food adventure blog!



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