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Ube Turon With Cheese

classic Filipino snack with a twist of ube and cheese

* 2 cups malagkit rice
* 2 1/2 cups water
* 1 can ube flavored condensed milk
* 1 small can evaporated milk
* 2 tablespoons margarine
* small lumpia wrapper
* 3/4 cup cheese
* oil

1) In a small pot or pan, wash malagkit rice with water and rinse well. Drain water.

2) Add 1 small can of evaporated milk and 2 1/2 cups of water. Stir. Cook in low heat.

3) When cooked, transfer to a large pan. Add ube condensed milk and 2 tablespoons margarine to cooked malagkit rice.

4) Use low heat in cooking. Cook until sticky and well combined.

5) When cooked, set aside to cool a little before wrapping.

6) Scoop around 1 tablespoon of cooked malagkit rice on lumpia wrapper and form into small log. Add cheese filling then wrap. Make sure to fold both sides to secure then roll. Seal with water. Repeat procedure until all mixture is wrapped.

7) Heat oil in a pan. Fry the turon on medium heat. Flip to cook evenly. Fry until crispy and golden brown.

8) Put in a strainer to drip excess oil.


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