Dalgona Strawberry Shake

Ingredients:* 1 sachet of Tang strawberry flavor (you may use any other flavor or variant of Tang) * fresh milk/full cream milk * 1 (250 ml) Nestle all-purpose cream or whipping cream* ice cubes Directions:1) Whip the Nestle all-purpose cream (or whipping cream) until doubled. 2) Add a sachet of Tang strawberry flavored juice powderContinue reading “Dalgona Strawberry Shake”

Magnum Ice Candy

Ingredients: 1 can (370 ml) all-purpose cream, chilled 3/4 cup of condensed milk 1/2 cup of fresh milk or evaporated milk (depends on your preference) 1 cup dark chocolate or more (Goya or any brand) What you need: a squeeze bottle or piping bag super elastic ice candy bag (2″ x 10″) Directions: Beat theContinue reading “Magnum Ice Candy”

Hansel Chocolate Balls

Ingredients: * Hansel biscuits, crushed (I used 5 to 6 packs here) * 1 can chocolate flavored condensed milk * desiccated coconuts (or other coatings – crushed Grahams) Directions:1) Crush the Hansel biscuits in a bowl. 2) Add the chocolate flavored condensed milk one at a time until you get the right consistency. 3) CoatContinue reading “Hansel Chocolate Balls”

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